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Latino 208 is a bilingual blog that presents political and cultural issues of interest to Idaho’s growing Latino population.

latino208.comLatino 208 launched in Fall 2014 when Rupert native Ester Ceja realized that there was no Idaho based source for information in Spanish on a number of issues facing Idaho Latinos. Ceja discussed the idea with Boise-based journalist Nathaniel Hoffman and on September 13, 2014, a panel formed at the 2014 THATCamp “unconference” produced by Boise State University to further discuss the concept.

From those early meetings, the Latino 208 founding committee formed, convening regularly in the lobby of the historic, newly rebuilt Owyhee Hotel in downtown Boise.

Latino 208, latino208.com, is a grassroots, independent effort, based in Boise and not affiliated with any organization, group, political party or interest. We have no budget nor formal structure

The founding committee maintains 100 percent editorial control and works in a collaborative, consensus-based, bloggy collective:

Ester Ceja :: Founder

Francisco Salinas :: Educator

# education, Daddy, Rolling Stones, generally pretty good fella

Irene Ruiz :: Educator

# humanities, education, culture, community service

Nathaniel Hoffman :: Journalist

# media, immigration policy, politics

Guisela Bahruth :: Writer/Editor

# language, español, lit, education

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