Otter visits Mexico and Peru this week

Butch in Mexico
Idaho Gov. Butch Otter on recent Mexico trip (via @consulmexboi)
Otter - Odorica

Otter meeting Mexican officials, including former Consul General to Boise, Guillermo Odorica (via @consulmexboi)

Governor Otter travels to Mexico and Peru this week on a trade mission. The governor and Idaho business representatives hope to make business deals in these countries during their visit this week (May 9-16th). While the purpose of this trip is commerce, part of the discussion should also include what our state government should do and plans on doing to support the Mexican and Peruvian workforce in Idaho.

Why? Because several of the businesses travelling with the governor employ Mexicans and Peruvians who are undocumented or are affected by the stalemate on comprehensive immigration reform. It’s ironic that Idaho agricultural businesses promote their products at the expense of hard working Latinos, yet Idaho’s governor and much of the state legislature have not been supportive of driver’s licenses for undocumented drivers, nor for a state-based Dream Act.

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