The gap between white students and Hispanic students in Idaho

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Recent Albertson Foundation education report on student success.

The recent opinion piece in the Idaho Statesman by Ed Kissam with the Rural Opportunities Consortium of Idaho Task Force points out the gap between white and Hispanic students. This gap is worrisome when you look at the fact that 41 percent of white students scored in the advanced range on the ISAT in 2014, compared to 20 percent of Hispanic students. Mr. Kissam points out…

The percent of Hispanic students who are either proficient or advanced declines from 73 percent in primary school to 67 percent in middle school and 50 percent in high school.

Mr. Kissam further points out the need to encourage this segment of the student population. As a Latina who attended school in rural Idaho, these schools need counselors who are knowledgeable, energetic, and ready to assist all students, especially Hispanic students with better information, mentoring and guidance. If you are the first to graduate from high school in your family, the road to higher education isn’t always as easy if you have parents and/or siblings who have obtained a college education and have paved the road to future generations. I agree with Mr. Kissam in that “rural schools need to recruit more bilingual/bicultural staff to better engage parents.”

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